New Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Added

Posted on March 19, 2016 By

Cabin bathroomA friend of mine (Jason) and I traveled to Cupid’s Cove during the early weeks of March, 2016 to install new ceramic tile in the kitchen and bath, and a new (wider) vanity in bathroom.  It took two trips, and lots of work!

The first thing we had to do was move or take out the stove, refrigerator, bathroom vanity and toilet before fixing the rotten flooring pieces, repair the toilet gasket and stripping up all the old linoleum.  This took about 3 days, and we had to “go native” i.e., go without showers and do our business in the woods during this time…

The next step was to mix and spread the tile mortar and let dry for a day, then adding the grout.

The biggest task, however, was the finish work.  The grout was finely put in between tile pieces, then we had to let it dry a day, clean with a special solution of vinegar and acid, let it dry again for a week, then come back to clean and seal the grout and tile.

We still have one more trip to make for the final tile sealing, but this should be completed by mid-summer . . . when my wife and I aren’t traveling ourselves, and when there’s an open slot for the return visit!

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