Cupid’s Cove No Longer For Sale…

Posted on July 22, 2018 By

Cupid’s Cove is back!!  We received a buyer contract on March 6th and were days away from closing when the buyer decided not to pursue the purchase.  And, because their inspector discovered something about the foundation that needed major repairs, I can’t blame them.

The cabin is sagging in the middle and leaning towards the rear left corner (if looking at it from the back).  This puts pressure on the left-side deck and small 6×6 posts and concrete blocks that support it.  Although the cabin has held for over 23 years, this shearing effect is fairly unstable and needs to be remedied.

As a result of this discovery, the cabin is no longer on the market, and our plans of a Florida beach retirement are on hold.

Over the past several months I’ve been looking for the best contractor to do the repairs.  We got several bids for the foundation job – estimates so far that range from $5K all the way up to $45K (!!)

Even with these high prices, we found problems with each of these contractors – they either had limited experience with no insurance or bonding, or they really didn’t want the job, so they gave us some outrageous price.  We will soon make a decision about how to proceed.  Stay tuned for upgrades.

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