Cabin Foundation – Main Work Done

Posted on November 21, 2018 By

It was two weeks of hell-like conditions and effort!  On November 4th, myself, Charlene Coburn and Jason Oman traveled to Coker Creek, Tennessee to finish the job we started in September.

I had given notice at my Chiropractic office in the Atlanta area that I’d be gone, and Jason also adjusted his work schedule.  So off we went – little realizing how much work and effort we were in for!

It rained 4 out of the 13 days we were there, and there was a freeze warning at night on two occasions.  This last part was serious because we had no skirting under the cabin at the time and had to run water constantly to keep the pipes from freezing!

We finished the railroad tie crib stacks for the rear of the cabin after one week.  We then enlisted the help of a bulldozing-driver-neighbor named Rusty Lockett to help us roll the long steel I-beams into place and secure then with come-alongs, jacks and pry bars.

DONE!  Before we left on November 16th, both beams were under the cabin and some temporary tar-paper skirting with tack up to keep the crawl space above freezing.  I’ll be back in December to (hopefully) finish the job!


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