About Us

Brigitte-Michael-CraigHi – I’m your host, Dr. Michael Craig.

My wife Brigitte and I love to travel and used to have several vacation properties to enjoy both the seashore and mountains. As older baby-boomers, however, we have been winding down and sold all rentals except our cute log cabin called Cupid’s Cove in SE Tennessee. We find its the perfect getaway for couples, and love to go there ourselves when the stress, noise, and microwave pollution from cell towers in the city gets too much.

We are low key folks, run our own home businesses, and believe that success starts from the heart. We love sharing our cabin with those who share our values, i.e., privacy, a love of nature, simple pleasures, and the need to take time to meditate or personally reflect.

If you were one of our guests, know that you are always welcome… and thank you for your business!  If you are thinking about staying at Cupid’s Cove anytime soon, be sure to check out all the new features we’ve built, bought or installed at the cabin.

We’re always looking to improve, however, so let us know if there’s something you’d like to have featured that we’re missing.  If we can add it, we will.