Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Do you allow pets?tennessee log cabin rental
2. Where exactly IS Coker Creek & Tellico Plains?
3. Is your cabin private? Quiet?
4. How far is the nearest airport?
5. What about the roads? Are there Creek Crossings? Any flooding?
6. How do we get into our cabin after we arrive?
7. How far is the nearest shopping and conveniences? Restaurants?
8. Is there any fishing and whitewater spots in the area?
9. Do I need a license for fishing and hunting?
10. Any scenic drives? Waterfalls?
11. How about Golfing?
12. Are there other outdoor activities? ATV trails?
13. Are there any attractions for kids?
14. How far is Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge? Bristol, Virginia?
15. Do you have any references? Can I can trust you?
16. Can I reserve a weekend stay 3-4 months from now?
17. What is the total price – including tax – to stay at your cabin?
18. What additional fees do you charge?
19. How do I check in or get the key?
20. I don’t trust the Internet. Can I use my credit card over the phone?
21. Can I pay by check through PayPal?
22. Should I be afraid of any dangerous critters in the woods?
23. Are any of your cabins for sale?
24. Are children allowed? What ages?
25. Can I book my stay at the last minute?
26. Can you give me any other helpful tips?
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Q. Where exactly IS Coker Creek & Tellico Plains? How do I get there?
A. Both towns are in Monroe county, which is north of Polk County and about 30 miles north of the Georgia border and next to the NC border. Both towns are about 1.5 hours southeast of Knoxville. Madisonville is the County seat of Monroe, and is about ten miles from Sweetwater and I-75. Tellico Plains is about 20 miles from I-75, and Coker Creek is another 10 miles south, into the mountains at an elevation of about 3,000 feet above sea level.

Cupid’s Cove is a cute little log cabin “in the sticks.” As such, you need to remember that back roads sometimes can be rough, washed out, or frozen at times, particularly in the winter and early spring. Although this is rarely a problem, take precautions during inclement weather and bring the proper vehicle, snow tires or chains if icy weather is predicted. Under normal circumstances, however, there should be no problem for any vehicle.
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Q. Is your cabin private? Quiet?
A. I would say yes, depending on your definition of privacy. While you will seldom see anyone, there are some elderly neighbors, and summer and fall brings more visitors.  Even so, the area around our cabin is wooded so no other houses can be seen. There is, in fact, a full acre of land bordering the Cherokee National Forest, so Cupid’s Cove is mostly secluded and quiet.

Q. How far is the nearest airport?
A. While there is a small rural landing strip in Tellico Plains, the closest commercial airport is McGhee-Tyson Municipal Airport (TYS), about an hour away near Knoxville and Maryville.

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Q. How do we get into our cabin after we arrive?
A. Cupid’s Cove provides self-check in, so there will be a key-safe at the door when you arrive.  Punch the code we give you into the  numeric pad and let yourself in.

Q. How far is the nearest shopping and conveniences? Restaurants?
A. Madisonville, the county seat, has a Walmart and lots of other stores and restaurants like Taco Bell, KFC, Subway, Sonic, and other fare. These are about 20 miles from the cabin.
TELLICO PLAINS (ten miles away) also has plenty of stores where you can pick up groceries, sundries, and rental videos. You will also find a few very nice restaurants like the Tellihala Cafe ($$). Good eats can also be found at moderately-priced spots in downtown TP, and for fast food, head to the local Hardee’s, Subway, or Tellico Beach Drive-In at the entrance to the Cherohala Skyway.
In COKER CREEK, look for the local Mountain Deli, about a mile north on Hwy 68 from Lower Smithfield Road.  There you can pick up some groceries and snack food. There also used to be places south of Coker Creek Village, including Seven Sisters where they usually has coffee, drinks, snacks, and sometimes eggs.  We send more suggestions in our Welcome Packet.

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Q. Is there any fishing and whitewater spots in the area?
A. Great fishing spots are plentiful along the Tellico River at the beginning of the Cherohala Skyway. Contact the Tellico Ranger Station at 250 Ranger Station Road, Tellico Plains, TN 37385, or phone them at (423) 253-2520 for information on getting brochures and permits.

For both fishing and whitewater activities, you can’t beat the Ocoee River slightly south in Polk County, site of the 1996 Olympic Whitewater competitions. For more information, contact the Ocoee Whitewater Center at (423) 338-5201, or check out our Activities section.

Do I need a license for fishing and hunting?
A. Unless you do these things by permission on private property, yes you do. See our section on Hunting & Fishing for details.

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Q. Any scenic drives? Waterfalls?
A. SE Tennessee has some of the prettiest scenery in the southeast USA. Because much of the area is now protected forest land, just about everywhere you drive, there will be beautiful sights. The main attraction is the Cherohala Skyway going east out of Tellico Plains, terminating about 2 hours later in Robbinsville, NC. About a dozen or so large waterfalls can be seen as well. See our Attractions section for more.

Q. How about golfing?
A. Golfing used to be in Madisonville, but we can’t vouch for a current location.  Check with Golflink.com Golf Courses for the latest updates for Madisonville, Vonore or Loudoun. 

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Q. Are there other outdoor activities? Bike and ATV trails?
A. If you were any closer to trails, creeks, and waterfalls, you’d be IN them! There are also routes and trails for bikes, motorcycles and ATV’s. Check out our Activites Section for links on things to do and places to explore.

Q. Are there any attractions for kids?
A. While I know some kids can only be happy at Disney World, Six Flags, or some other adventure theme park, many are thrilled to discover the simple joys of gold panning, hiking, ATV or horseback riding, playing in the snow, swimming in the river, running through the woods, or just playing cards or reading by the fire. Coker Creek offers a lot in the way of outdoor recreation without the neon lights. A christian camp is nearby for Christian groups, and historical and special attractions like the Lost Sea, Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, Ft. Loudon, and the old Trail of Tears (Joe Brown mountain highway) are never far away.

If you’re staying more than a few days, take the kids on a day trip to Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge where you’ll find more than enough to keep them busy.  In addition to satellite TV and WiFi, we also try to keep a selection of fun board games and videos and DVDs on hand for both kids and adults in case of foul weather.

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Q. How far is Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge? Bristol, Virginia?
A. Tellico Plains and Coker Creek are about 90 minutes from Gatlinburg/PF.   Bristol, however, is more than 4 hours away. While Tellico Plains and Bristol are both next to the Cherokee National Forest, they are on opposite ends of it (the forest runs almost the entire width of East Tennessee, north to south). If you’re going to the races, you’d be better off renting somewhere in the NE part of the state . . .  or in Virginia.

Q. Do you have an references? Can I trust you?
A. We have been hosting satisfied guests at Cupid’s Cove since 2002.  We are also registered with both the state and County, listed with the Coker Creek Economic Development Group (CCEDG), and have been listed a long time with HomeAway.com, VRBO, and other reputable sites.   When you book online, you go through HomeAway.com, so we never handle your card or money. 

Q. Can I reserve a weekend stay six months from now?
A. Yes.  Holidays and peak times, however, usually require a minimum of 3-4 nights for stays.  

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Q. What is the total price – including tax – to stay at your cabins?
A. All estimated rates and fees are given in detail in the Rates section and Fee Section. The total price includes the nightly rate (which varies by seasonal and day of the week), any additional fees (e.g. WiFi, cleaning fee & pet fee), and Tennessee sales and lodging taxes of 14.44% of the total. There are three rates, based on season. The lowest nightly rate is $79 per night in the Winter, from January through the middle of March, and the peak rate of $109 is charged for all holidays, summer weekends and the month of October.

To find out your cabin’s availability and total cost, go to our Online Reservation Section and enter the dates you want. You will see the availability for those dates, and the total cost before committing to a reservation.   

Q. What additional fees do you charge?
A. There are additional fees for cleaning, pets, and extra WiFi usage. If you are bringing a small pet, add $75 (before taxes) for up to two pets weighing 35 pounds or less each. Also add cleaning costs of $50 unless you are staying six nights or more. In the latter case, we pay for cleaning.

The only other fees are for added services, such as streaming WiFi. We have arranged our satellite WiFi service so that you get FREE service up to 0.8 gigs a day.  This will be plenty for guests who want to check email, do normal Internet surfing, or use their cell phone for short calls.  

If you are in the habit of streaming lots of videos and live chats on your computer or phone, however, this can cost us more than our monthly rate and we must pass this cost on to you.  Be aware that often ONE streamed movie can use up to 2 Gigs, and many Apps on smartphones these days will often eat up data in the background with the phone on. 

If you don’t want extra charges, we suggest you turn your phone off when not in use, and do not stream movies except for some YouTube videos.  Any overages will be deducted from your security deposit at our cost ($10 per Gig), and you will be provided a reason for the charge. 

Tip:  Kids are usually heavy users.  Monitor their usage by restricting videos, movies and games – unless, of course, you are willing to pay for extra usage.

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Q. How do I know I’m approved; and how do I check in and get the key?
A. After you book your stay, we send you an initial confirmation (after online payment through HomeAway) and a final confirmation with cabin, dates, your name and the number of guests coming. This will arrive by e-mail, so make sure you check all e-mail folders – including your “Junk Mail” file – if you don’t get this within 24 hours. The subject headings will have the words “Cupid’s Cove Confirmation.” 

At the same time, you should receive a “Welcome to Cupid’s Cove” with a link to your Welcome Packet of information. This packet will include directions, check-in code, and other pertinent details. 

(Also, if you came to us through HomeAway.com, you will be sent  access to their online Homeaway App, where you can get much of the same information we have in the Welcome Packet.) 

The code is for the lockbox next to the front door for self-check-in to get the keys. NOTE: Last-Minute Bookings made within 24 hours cannot be guaranteed, so plan ahead!

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Q. I don’t trust the Internet. Can I just use my credit card over the phone?
A. We currently only take online applications and payment – mostly since you must sign the online lease agreement.   Most of our guests find it very easy to take the 5 minutes needed to book and pay online through our very secure HomeAway service.  If you still don’t feel comfortable, give us a call to see how we might assist you.  

Q. Can I pay by Check through PayPal?
A.  HomeAway.com has several options for paying online, and may have a PayPal option soon if they don’t already.

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Q. Should I be afraid of any dangerous critters in the woods?
A. Not really. Poisonous snakes like water moccasins don’t live in the mountain lakes, and bears, skunks, bobcats, wild boars and other larger animals used to be plentiful in the area, but no more. Many were hunted almost to extinction before the early 1900’s, and the ones left generally stay away from humans.

The National Forest is still teeming with wildlife, however, so it would be wise to observe a few simple precautions. After all, this IS their home! For example, raccoons or possums may sometimes turn over trash cans or try to get inside things while looking for food. Keep edible items indoors at night and bag your trash and completely seal the trash can with the lid.

The biggest bother in the woods is insects like flies and mosquitoes. Wear long sleeves and spray repellent when in the woods, and check your body for ticks at night. Occasionally, you will also run across other critters: bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and little scorpions. None of these are life-threatening unless you have a severe allergy to them. If so, come prepared for just such an emergency. 

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Q. Are your cabins for sale?
A. Yes.   You can get complete details by contacting our Realtor David Frankhauser at Skyway Realty in Tellico Plains, TN at (423) 253-7100 or write him at dave@tellico-tn.com.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Yes we do, but we discourage your bringing them. Since pet dander is insidious and potent to those with allergies (including the owners), we have to do a thorough steam cleaning of the carpets, furniture, floors, and other areas after your pet leaves. An extra one-time pet fee of $75 for one or two small pets must be added to the rent to cover our extra costs.

No pets over 35 pounds, or exotic animals like snakes or ferrets are allowed. We do allow you to bring a hamster or bird, however, and so long as the animal is caged the entire time, there is no charge. Also keep in mind there may be additional costs if your pets cause any damage.

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Q. Are children allowed? What ages?
A. Children are welcome to our cabin and will no doubt have a great time! You might want to reconsider bringing a toddler or small child, however, unless you are willing to watch them at all times, and bring all the items you will need, including a high chair.

In all cases, kids just want to have fun and things get damaged! Be prepared to clean up after them, and to accept responsibility for their actions. Broken screens, lamps or windows, dirty diapers lying around, or indelible stains on the linens, towels, walls, rugs and furniture costs us money to clean or repair. This extra cost will then be deducted from either your security deposit.

Q. Can I book my stay at the last minute?
A. You are welcome to try, but last-minute bookings (those made within 24 hours) cannot be guaranteed.

If we are unable to book your stay, however, your credit card will not be charged. The fact is, we may be out of the office or on vacation ourselves and might not find your booking until its too late. The best solution is simply to plan ahead.

Q. Can you give me any other helpful tips?
A. Certainly. Get our FREE REPORT on “The Secret Spots in Tennessee” about Monroe and surrounding counties. You can also click on some of the many links in our Activities and Attractions sections. Then come on down to Tennessee for some fun, ya’ll!

Q. What about the roads? Are there Creek Crossings? Any flooding?
A. The roads to the cabin are all paved except for the last mile, which is dirt/gravel. It is slightly bumpy in parts, so you need to drive slowly. There are also a few creek crossings, one requiring a shallow fording before the final hill. For this last creek, you will need a vehicle with an 8 inch clearance or greater. Flooding rarely happens, and if so, almost always in the springtime after the snows melt and rivers swell. During the months of March and April, it would therefore be a smart move to bring a 4WD or other rugged vehicle, just to be safe.

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