Discover the Places in Tennessee
Where Angels Often Tread
and Every Visitor Leaves
with Magical Memories . . .

free tenessee report

tennessee trailsDiscover the Lands of the Ancient Cherokee.  In this SPECIAL REPORT, you will learn:
  • The path of the 40-Year “Unfinished” Highway, and why it took so long
  • The oldest man-made stone wall in North America
  • The site of the FIRST (but largely unknown) American Gold Rush
  • The holding fort and location of the Trail of Tears
  • The largest American underground lake
  • Where to Stay and Eat
  • Where to Hike and sight-see
  • And much MORE!

“Peace and beauty surround [the] Coker Creek Area . . . unforgettable
trail ride . . . a thunderstorm with the relaxation of the rain softly
falling on the leaves and roof . . . friendly hosts willing to share history
and love of the area. A beautiful part of this great USA . . .”
Bruce & Kathey Cause, Redwing, MN