Whitewater Rafting

If you love whitewater rafting and kayaking, Polk and Monroe Counties, Tennessee and Cherokee County, NC offer spectacular whitewater rides and thrills for all ages and skill levels. Polk County was the site of the whitewater events during the 1996 Olympics and the fast-moving Ocoee River remains a mecca for water enthusiasts from around the world. All activities are within a short drive of our cabins.

Ocoee Whitewater Center is part of the National Forest Service and the former site of Olympic competition. Go online or call 423-338-5201.
Tennessee Scenic River Association (TSRA) – Find the best places to paddle, and how to help keep Tennessee rivers pristine.
Ocoee Adventure Center – 888-723-8622.   

WildWater – 800-451-9972.   

Cherokee Rafting – 800-451-7238. 

Ocoee Outdoors – 800-533-7767.   

Nantahala Outdoor Center – 828-785-4840.